COVID-19 Rules & Regulations | Salon 122 Reopening

1.Appointment only

2. Only the client receiving services will be allowed to enter the salon. No one can come with you unless it is a care provider or one parent to accompany a child receiving services. If multiple children are scheduled for service we ask that you make accommodations as only one child can enter. We have also provided one morning a week per stylist to have the salon by themselves. You can reach out to your stylist on any questions regarding those times.

3. Your stylist will be reaching out to you prior to your appointment and supplying you with a contact number to use when you arrive for your appointment. We ask that you contact that number, stay in your vehicle, and your stylist will inform you when she is ready to greet you.

4. You will be greeted at the door of your choice by your stylist upon entering. This is to reduce “touch points”

5. You will have your temperature taken with a no touch thermometer and asked a few questions about your overall health before you enter. This data and your time in and time out will be recorded daily. Salon 122 employees will also be following these guidelines.

6. You are required to wear a mask as we will be wearing one also.

7. We will accept all payment types. However, you will not touch our point of sale iPad. We will bring it to the chair you are provided your service in and if you are using a credit card, you will swipe it and we will do the rest.

8. While you are receiving your service, you are welcome to contact our receptionist to schedule your next appointments as they will not be directly accessible to you inside the salon. (You can still freely call at any time, they just won’t be housed inside the salon)

9. Upon the completion of your service your stylist will walk you to your exit to continue to lower “touch points” and this will also allow us the recommend time to properly disinfect for our next appointment.

10. We will be offering product sales, both in salon with your service and curbside pick up.

11. We will NOT be offering waxing services at this time.

I realize that this may seem like a lot but we are committed to the same services that we provided before Covid-19. Please understand that we take this and our commitment to all of you seriously. Our schedules will run slightly different as we have extra time built in to disinfect our work stations properly before our next appointments. We have strict regulations to follow in order to do this appropriately. You will find we have barriers in place where we could potentially encroach into the 6 foot social distancing. We ask that you all follow these guidelines and salon rules. Together, we can make all of this seamless if we are mindful of the bigger picture. All of us doing our part for Ohio to continue to open up and keeping the spread down. I believe in this great nation that we are all so proud of, I believe all of us working towards the same goal will bring us back to the day of seeing each other’s beautiful smiles. Until then… stay home if you’re sick or have been in contact with Covid-19. Wash your hands, touch less and mask up! We’ve got this!!